Business CRM Solutions

What is a CRM?
CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.

It is a suite of applications and services that allows for the management of such areas as cases, orders, opportunities, interactions, sales and reporting to name a few, and it all is dependent on the type of business.

DRIVEIT CRM encompasses much more than a standard CRM solution. It is a platform we build upon and customize to fit an individual businesses needs.

Some examples of how we integrate are:

  • Integrating with and existing back office system
    • Commission Accounting Systems
    • Case Management Systems
    • Inventory Systems
    • Phone Systems and Call Centers
  • Secure Customer Portal
    • Provide a Value Add to Your Clients
    • Provide Testing backends
    • Reporting and Invoicing for the Client
  • Custom Reporting
    • Streamlined Reporting
    • Workflow Reporting
    • Customized Coding

Don't take our word for it, see how some of our clients use the system to enhance their business.