Systems Integration

Today’s companies are faced with integrating a hybrid world of cloud and on-premise applications that are distributed in managed and co-located data centers and hosted sites for Infrastructure, Platform, and Software as a Service (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS) – which dramatically increase the complexity.

Our DRIVEIT Technologies program, is a platform that allows us to tie those different pieces together, allowing the business to be more effecient and streamline services to the end user and client.

Some Examples of this are:
  • Accounting and Sales
    Tieing your accounting software together with your sales tools to better communicate and streamline the data going back and forth.
  • Ecommerce Systems
    Getting your website e-commerce application to better report and or communicate with your accounting processes and or your customer services systems.
  • Dispatch/Customer Service Processes
    Creating a Customer Service System. that works with your techs or staff in the field. Allowing them to work from tablets and mobile devices.
DRIVEIT System Tiers

We have many references available on our work.


Below is a video that showcases how one of our clients has used our platform to tie into their sales, accounting, and new business processes. Leveraging all the systems for their clients and internal staff.

This allowed them to increase their ROI of their systems, where in the past it made them no direct return.