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About Us

A leading provider of business and technology solutions for small and medium organizations.

Our solutions are based on a deep knowledge and experience of being in the business for over 20 years, and on our proven ability to deliver the technical knowledge of these solutions.

Business Process & Systems Analysis: Understanding your business architecture and the underlying business processes that deliver upon your organizational goals is the key to any successful business systems implementation.

This is why documented business architecture is the first activity that needs to be undertaken when considering how (or even whether) to automate any of the business functions within your organization.

In practical terms, business systems are designed to automate and coordinate the business processes activities that perform your association’s business functions. With this in mind, JND Consulting Group Analyzes the workflows and information flows (business process activities) that ultimately perform these business functions.

This Analysis is done to help your organization evaluate the processes and tools that can optimize your current business environment. It is also the means to demonstrate the business value of any software systems change to any key stakeholders, and the basis of presenting ROI to these stakeholders for supporting and participating in any new software development or implementation efforts.

Our Mission Has Always Been a Simple One
"Helping Companies Excel with Technology"
We Continue that mission today, as we embrace the cloud and prepare our clients for the next generation of technology in this new mobile world.