Public and Private Clouds

What is the difference between private and public clouds?

At a very basic level public cloud is available for multiple companies to subscribe to on a shared cloud platform, private clouds are based on dedicated virtual servers and are limited to one company behind a dedicated firewall.

The benefits of a public cloud is the ultimate in pay as you go, utility computing, resulting in instant scalability ‘on tap’ however much you need for as long or little as you need. It is incredibly cost effective. However the disadvantages are that as you are on a shared platform and so there are some trade offs in terms of your flexiblity in configuration and security.

The benefits of a private cloud is higher security as it is behind your own dedicated firewall, plus more flexiblity to configure your cloud exactly as you need it. It is still pay as you go,with you only paying for the VMs switched on in your preconfigured cloud environment (dedicated virtual servers).

The disadvantages that beyond your agreed preconfigured environment scaling isn’t quite as instant as in the public cloud. It is also a more expensive solution.

What type of cloud that is most suitable for your business will depend on your budget, required instant scalability, configuration flexibility required, security and reliability.

What is the Cloud?