Mobile Device Management

Dynamic, end-to-end security and compliance management
Continuously monitor Mobile, Tablet & Windows devices with confidence.

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Mobile Device Management

Manage your devices easier, faster & more cost-efficiently
Help protect user devices against threats using trusted technology with unique capabilities.

Supported Platforms

Manage multiple mobile platforms from a single interface.





App distribution

Effortless app distribution and management of in house and store apps for Android, iOS, macOS, Chrome, & Windows.

Approved Apps

Lock down devices to run a single app or a set of approved apps for your Business.

App Inventory

Get app details and manage app licenses on mobile devices from one location.

Separate corporate apps from personal Apps

Maintain data integrity on devices by separating company work profiles from personal profiles.

App Management
& Distribution

Secure and manage the applications running on devices in your network with mobile application management

Mobile Application Management (MAM) or mobile app management, refers to managing the entire lifecycle of every app that is used in an enterprise. It includes installing, deleting and updating, the app on both corporate and personally owned devices used in the organization, along with managing permissions and configuration. It also includes defining app policies that includes restrictions pertaining to the apps and data stored on the apps.

Protection that goes beyond

Our unique approach to network security focuses on bringing best in class, enterprise grade security to any organization, regardless of size or technical expertise.

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