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Most cybersecurity training companies use outdated methods of training your employees to become part of the human firewall.
Building the human firewall in your business has become more important than ever through an effective multi step approach to employee security awareness training.
Start today in developing your employees to be the strongest asset instead of your weakest link in your security posture.

Request a product demonstration of our innovative Security Awareness Training Platform. Our demo will highlight how simple it is to automate a full cybersecurity awareness training program. Learn how to:

Send fully automated simulated phishing attacks, using hundreds of templates with unlimited usage

Train your users with access to the an enormous library of always-fresh awareness training content

NEW! CatchPhish email analysis tool. Use real-time artificial intelligence to allow your users to verify before they trust inbound emails.

Use our Employee Vulnerability Assessment to gauge proficiency of your users in security knowledge and security culture attitudes. Also allows you to know real-time where the weak spots are in the employee organization.

DarkWeb Monitoring allows for you to know the instant any new employee credential has been put up for sale by criminals

Active Directory Integration allows you to easily upload and manage users

Yearly Security Audits allow you to get a complimentary NIST security audit. We will create a workplan and GAP analysis for you based on administrative, technical and physical vulnerabilities in your organization.


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