Security Awareness Training Pricing

Why Security Awareness Training?

Defend Against Real World Attacks

Create a cybersecurity awareness training program developed by the world’s leading experts.
ThreatProtector has the most highly rated security awareness training, phishing education, and dark web monitoring.

World-Class Content

Our training content is the most trusted content in the world. Why? Because we rely on world-known experts who are deeply skilled and knowledgeable about the latest cyber threats. Content includes yearly cybersecurity certification training, weekly micro training (built directly into Office 365), monthly newsletters, infographics, and more.

Automated Phishing Campaigns

Traditional phishing education programs measure the rate at which employees fail to identify simulated phishing emails, often relying heavily on their ability to retain training they watched months ago. As the #1 cause of data breaches, employees need to quickly identify and report phishing emails – so why aren’t we testing and rewarding them for the actions we actually want them to take?

Real-time Dark Web Monitoring

Without continuous monitoring, new compromised employee data available on the dark web will go unnoticed, putting your employee and your business in danger of dealing with a data breach. Continuous monitoring with real-time updated and notifications provides proactive protection of your data, your reputation, and your business.

Standard Business Plans (per user per month)

20 or less employees? Contact us for our small business plans.


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