Cybersecurity Training an Essential Element for your Business.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Cybersecurity training is an essential element of any organization’s security strategy. In today’s digital world, it’s crucial that organizations of all sizes ensure their staff are well-versed in cybersecurity best practices. Cybersecurity training is a key component in building a secure environment, as it educates employees on the importance of cyber hygiene, […]

Are you part of the Propaganda? Well, your systems may be.

Cyber Security

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn When you do not protect your systems, they can and are often turned into bots behind the scenes and used for the following: A great article on Wired titled: How Americans Wound Up on Twitter’s (X) List of Russian Bots Another good article citing the image is: Russian propaganda is state-of-the-art again. […]

The Fake Browser Update Scam Gets a Makeover

Employee Security Training

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn One of the oldest malware tricks in the book — hacked websites claiming visitors need to update their Web browser before they can view any content — has roared back to life in the past few months. New research shows the attackers behind one such scheme have developed an ingenious way of […]

Understanding the Dark Web

Understanding the Dark Web

While the Dark Web may seem distant and irrelevant to your everyday business operations, it poses serious risks that can have far-reaching consequences. Here’s why you need to be aware of it.


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