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Proactive Cybersecurity for Advanced Cyber Threats Against PC’s, Mac’s, and Servers

Real-Time Protection. Ransomware Prevention. Device Optimization. RDP Controls
Stop responding to threats and start preventing them. Endpoint Essentials is a comprehensive IT platform that effectively secures business users and data while making systems more productive and reliable. Our proactive whitelist security stack seamlessly protects your organization from viruses/malware, ransomware threats while optimizing your cyber infrastructure.

Raising the Bar in Centralized IT Security and Endpoint Management for Companies of Any Size

vulnerability assessment

Advanced Virus/Malware Protection

Simple Whitelist Security

Malicious Script Blocking

Comprehensive RDP Controls

Remote Administration

Cloud Based Console

Patch Management

Multiplatform Functionality

Performance Optimization

Exclusively Developed and Managed in the USA

Easy and Effective Whitelist Approach

Endpoint Essentials focuses on proactive detection and believes the best way to do so is through the use of application whitelisting. However, traditional whitelisting is difficult to deploy and even harder for IT staff to manage. Endpoint Essentials offers an alternative approach, with a globally automated whitelist managed by a team of professional malware researchers that automatically analyze unknown applications and categorize them globally.

Removing IT Burden with 24 Hour Professional Categorization

Automated Whitelist Security with Millions of Known Trusted Files

Simple, Two-Click Cloud Override

World Class Features


Endpoint Essentials uses application whitelisting as its primary method of malware detection; however, the use of whitelisting goes beyond malware detection to include device authentication, Microsoft Office security, and more.


Endpoint Essentials offers comprehensive RDP controls including the ability to enable and disable RDP sessions, schedule remote access permissions, generate reports including remote activity logs, and authenticate devices for remote access.


Endpoint Essentials is total automation of endpoint maintenance with powerful endpoint optimization for applications, Windows and networks settings. Consistently adding new features and improving reliability, so Endpoint Essentials gets better over time.


Endpoint Essentials is the world’s largest collection of hardware drivers. Making it the fastest and simplest way to ensure all of your endpoints start fast and stay fast without the hassle of you spending your valuable time tracking down missing drivers.


Endpoint Essentials includes remote control accessibility with multi-factor device authentication. This functionality makes deployment, install, access and computer management easier than ever with reliable accessibility from absolutely anywhere.


Endpoint Essentials includes a robust dashboard that provides system health at-a-glance. Key metrics such as CPU load, storage utilization and bandwidth-use are viewable in one central location for system health management, along with device and session settings management.

Awards & Recognition

We want to provide you assurances about the steps we take to secure and protect your organization’s data. We also closely with independent auditors to review our data protection practices to provide you transparency into our world-class security processes and policies. In connection with these reviews, we have strong associations with Microsoft Virus Initiative, Microsoft Intelligent Security Association, and the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization.
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