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JND Consulting Group is a leading provider of IT services, delivering cost-effective technology solutions that make companies more agile, flexible and productive by strategically aligning IT with business objectives. We are expert builders of technology solutions, specializing in Cloud, Storage, Cyber Security, Communications Systems, and Data Integration.

Managed IT Services

Our 24/7 managed IT services keeps your computers, servers and network systems up and running at all times. Proactive IT maintenance that helps prevent downtime and maximize productivity.

Cloud Solutions

Work securly from anywhere any time with cloud services. Cloud computing & cloud services will help eliminate the expense of hardware, software and the day to day maintenance needed to run on site server's and equipment.


24/7 Security Monitoring will help you to see all the potential threats, understand what the threats are, and take the right action to secure your network, servers and desktops.

Data Backup Protection

Protect your Data Onsite or in the Cloud. JND Consulting Group has a data backup solution that will fit your needs, Cloud to Cloud backup, Site Replication, Database Backups, Office365 & SharePoint. Make sure you are covered in any storm or situation.

Cloud based / Phone & Communication Systems

Secure and compliant enabled communication systems. Work from anywhere and start up offices in no time across the State, Country or Globe. From a small 2 person office to enterprise level, we have you covered.

Data Integration Services & AI Solutions

We have experts and data scientists for reports, analytics, custom development, data integration and getting AI implemented into your business. Schedule an appointment for an amazing discussion on getting your business to the next level.


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