Are You Using Multi-Factor Authentication?

What is Multi Factor Authentication

Multifactor Authentication (MFA) is a second form of authentication that verifies a user’s identity before granting them access to a resource such as an online application, e-mail, VPN and other applications. With Multifactor Authentication, you can deploy authentication policies that implement additional security while respecting your time and work.


How does Multi Factor Authentication work

Most applications and devices have an option to implement MFA, if not there are third party tools out there to accommodate what you would like to secure. In most cases, multi factor authentication is implemented where a user enters their username and passwords, followed by a six-to-nine-digit code that is sent via text message to their phone. 

Other methods of multi factor authentication includes Time base One Time Pass Code (TOTP), that can be an authenticator app on your phone like DUO, Microsoft Authenticator App, Google Authenticator app and many others out there that can be used.

Some applications use email for Multifactor Authentication, where you will receive a six-to-nine-digit code to your email and then you can take that code and enter it into the application to authenticate.

The text message option as we mentioned earlier is similar to the email option where you would take the six-to-nine-digit code and enter it into the application to authenticate.

Do I really need Multi Factor Authentication enabled?

We all use passwords for our application logins like email, computer, phone, online applications and I am sure there are many more items you have a password for you can name. Usually, you will make that password the same or close to the same password for all of the applications you have, Not Recommended but it happens because you have so many passwords. MFA protects your login’s if that password is compromised. So if a hacker was able to get your password and try to login you, they will not be able to without that second authentication from you.

Why Should You Use Multi Factor Authentication?

Increases Security

MFA is the most critical step you can take to protect from cyber-attacks, this will increase the security of the application you are using, so if a hacker was able to guess your password and try to login to your application it will also need that second form of authentication from you to allow access to the application.

Reduces Risk from Compromised Passwords 

MFA will add a layer of protection against password theft. Even if a company was hacked and credentials were stolen, and employees’ passwords are exposed, MFA ensures that the organization remains secure.


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