When you do not protect your systems, they can and are often turned into bots behind the scenes and used for the following:

  • Spreading misinformation and propaganda. Hacked Systems can be used to spread false or misleading information about candidates, issues, and elections. This can be done by creating and sharing fake news articles, social media posts, and videos and creating Bots. Bots can also be used to amplify the reach of existing misinformation and propaganda.
  • Suppressing voter turnout.  Hacked Systems can be used to discourage people from voting or to make it more difficult for them to vote. This can be done by spreading misinformation about voting procedures, voter suppression laws, and the importance of voting via email or silent applications. And spread create and spread bots.
  • Manipulating public opinion. Hacked Systems that create Bots can be used to manipulate public opinion on a variety of issues, including candidates, issues, and policies. This can be done by creating and sharing positive or negative content about specific candidates or issues. Bots can also be used to silence dissent and amplify the voices of supporters.
  • Interfering with elections. Hacked Systems that create Bots can be used to interfere with elections in a variety of ways, such as by spreading misinformation about election results, and inciting violence.

A great article on Wired titled: How Americans Wound Up on Twitter’s (X) List of Russian Bots

Another good article citing the image is: Russian propaganda is state-of-the-art again.

Make sure you are protecting systems for your business and your country.

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